1. pbelfi's Avatar
    So many of you have had a chance to play with you S4 for a little while.....I imagine that some of you are coming over from the S3, and I need
    an opinion. I am ready to upgrade, but don't know if I should go with the S3 or the S4......So do you think that the S4 is worth the upgrade? I'm not really into the bells and whistles, and want a phone with a good size screen, that has good speed, while having pretty good battery life..... Would it be worth the $100.00 difference to go with the S4?
    04-28-2013 05:50 PM
  2. BillyMichael92's Avatar
    I did not own the s3 but from what I can tell there's not a huge difference. However I would still go with the s4 as the s3 is old technology. This may not show now but in a year or so you may wish u went for the s4

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    04-28-2013 06:14 PM
  3. americasteam's Avatar
    If you can swing the extra cash, the S4 is worth the purchase. Just on the screen difference alone.

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    04-28-2013 06:27 PM
  4. KeboPR's Avatar
    S4 is a big upgrade from the S3. Go for the S4 if you have the money, you won't be dissapointed.

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    04-28-2013 06:34 PM
  5. pbelfi's Avatar
    Thanks for the input people......I was thinking the same thing, but wanted to get inputs from people who have had a chance to use both devices....when I went to Best Buy to see the phone, I did like the slightly larger screen on the S4, and the sales person gave a demo of the HD video, and I must say, it was quite impressive! Like I said in my original post, that I'm not into all the bells and whistles, and am more interested in performance, as well as good battery life. Now my only problem is that I have to wait until the end of May for Verizon to start shipping the S4
    04-28-2013 06:44 PM

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