1. sirheck's Avatar
    Alex's review of the S view flip cover with the window along with the flip cover i have for my OG Galaxy note got me
    to thinking what if?

    I have not heard of any one else talking of this so i figure i will throw it out there.

    What about making flip covers for phones like the Galaxy series mirror what is on the main screen.
    I am talking the inside of the cover, this could allow for page turning by swiping side to side.
    Obstacles such as battery life and weight come to mind along with (if it were made of glass)
    how would glass on glass contact work? It wouldn't even have to have touch ability as one
    could use the main screen to activate it. Main use i can see for something like this would
    be reading articles similar to Flip boards up and down scrolling/swiping.

    04-29-2013 01:08 AM

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