1. weesy's Avatar
    i've been seeing the posts and the news that tmobile said the s4 wouldn't start being sold until the 8th in select stores and the 15th in all stores. but this morning out of curiosity i went online to see if anything had changed.. and there it was! live on the website! added it to the cart and it said it could be next day shipped right to my door! i wonder if this means some stores have them for sale already as well?! i didn't complete the transaction because i'm switching to tmobile and have a trade in so i may have to wait, but hopefully todays the day!

    update: while chatting with a tmobile online rep i was told it would be in my best interest to wait 10-15 days to buy the phone because the price is going to drop
    04-29-2013 07:38 AM
  2. BarackOdrama's Avatar
    This is old news. The previous online order date was pushed back to today.

    It'll be available in select stores on the 8th and all stores on the 15th.
    04-29-2013 07:43 AM

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