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    So I'm a phone junkie as the thread title would indicate,,, just got my T-Mobile GS4 today coming from my most recent Note 2.

    Wow,, is the first thing that comes to mind,,, this GS4 simply rocks !!!

    I will admit I always liked the iphone 5 and the GS3 because of the sizes and ease of one handed use,,, especially the ip5,,, the main reason I had the N2 was for the bigger screen and the features, but I never got 100% comfortable with the N2 size.

    The GS4 has way more cooler features than the N2, perfect size for handling, an amazing screen and all the other stuff we all know about,,,, for me, it simply crushes every other phone I have ever owned,,,,, this phone is such a keeper !!!

    One thing that needs to be mentioned that does not get talked enough about phones,,, the call quality on my GS4 is amazing,,, I actually use my phone for phone calls and this phone I can honestly say has the best call quality of any of my other past phones ever,,,, matter of fact I will go so far as to say I was shocked at how great the call quality is,,,,, I got my first call about 2 mins after I switched from my N2 to my GS4 and even on that first call I was so floored by the call quality it took me off guard for a few seconds,,, it sounded like a great land line connection,,, all my other calls today have been the same,,,, with the users on the other end even commenting on how good the call quality was, without me even having to ask them about it.

    And the same goes for my in-car Bluetooth call quality, that even sounds way better than my N2, ip5 or GS3 did.

    Anyhow,,,, amazing phone all around !!!!

    Apple is really going to have to ramp up their game to compete with this baby.

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    05-01-2013 10:36 PM

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