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    Hi New to android as just dumped blackberry. I was trying to use the Nagigation app (blue arrow) and was expecting when i clicked on 2contacts" my contacts woudl appear and i could navigate to one. I am using Microsoft Exchange so all my contacts have been uploaded. i spoke to Samsung support who said there coudl be a problem with contacts form Exchange, but i find that hard ot beleieve so can osme one confirm ther isnt an issue with exchange contacts?

    Secondly the girls said she just created a new contact and went to navigation and it appeared. I tried the same and still nothing. i tried making one of my contacts starred and went to naigatin to try the starred option and nothing. the shortcuts options works fine for typing and speaking.

    Any suggestions why I cant get contacts working in navigation appreciated.

    05-03-2013 09:54 AM

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