1. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    Have yall tried the Optical Reader App that came with the phone? Just point at words and gives u definitions

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    Attached Thumbnails Optical Reader App... Sweet!-uploadfromtaptalk1367648762205.jpg  
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    05-04-2013 01:26 AM
  2. chuckh0308's Avatar
    That's pretty cool!
    05-04-2013 02:44 AM
  3. HOLLYWOODANT215's Avatar
    Imma try it out

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    05-04-2013 09:31 AM
  4. Swavek's Avatar
    oh that's fun! I was wondering what it does.

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    05-04-2013 10:16 AM
  5. jeffreii's Avatar
    I assumed this would be inferior to Google Goggles but haven't compared them yet...
    05-04-2013 10:51 PM
  6. Calidoc's Avatar
    I thought it was also supposed to take information on a business card and add it in a contact, but I haven't gotten it to do that. Anybody else?
    05-05-2013 12:40 PM
  7. addicted2tech's Avatar
    Unfortunately VZW users got jipped out of the optical reader
    05-24-2013 01:08 AM

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