1. ahmedlelas's Avatar
    So i bought the S4 a week ago i was very excited when I noticed a couple things that were wrong.

    * The audio on the phone completely shuts off after being on for about 10 minutes.

    * I can't launch the video recorder

    * I can't watch any videos.

    If anyone could tell me what is going on or whether or not I just have a defective product. Thank you
    05-05-2013 02:15 PM
  2. nata_panya's Avatar
    I've had my S4 for over 1 week. Not had any of the problems you mentioned when using music, audio or video. Sorry couldn't be of more help.
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    05-05-2013 02:19 PM
  3. ahmedlelas's Avatar
    hmmm thanks I just figured I have a defective one i'll just go in the store and get an exchange.
    05-05-2013 08:02 PM

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