1. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    Something I just found out that I wanted to share!
    I saw a thread on here on someone asking how to lock videos so u don't accidentally press the screen to pause... Well I found out how

    NOTE: This works for videos playing in the stock video app... NOT YouTube

    1. Play the video in the stock video app
    2. Make sure the controls are hidden (you can hide them by pressing anywhere on the screen)
    3. Press the power button

    U should now see a lock and it prevents u from pausing or anything happening to the video if u press the screen

    To unlock, just press the power button again

    I love this phone!

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 Exynos!
    05-06-2013 03:33 AM
  2. mixinitup0's Avatar
    Thanks Smooth4lyfe. That was me that asked that question. I know on the stock player you can lock the screen by pressing the power button. Because we have T Mobile's new LTE here in San Jose. Listening to You tube while jogging is pretty convenient, but I kept hitting the screen that either pause or load another song when that happens. I had to wrap a small towel around the S4 to prevent that! I was thinking of getting a S view case for it but I already have an Ionic case for it already. Anyways I guess in the end, it's a good problem to have.. It's an S4! Hihi
    05-06-2013 04:02 AM
  3. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    Lol I'm sure there is an app that can do that for u though... If I find one I'll remember u and let u know

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 Exynos!
    05-06-2013 04:05 AM

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