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    Anybody having problem with using car charger (3rd party) with their S4? I've just bought the S4 and I used my old HTC car charger but it did not charge up, instead it said "dock detected". So I thought my old HTC charger cannot be used as it had a micro USB adapter.

    I went out to buy another USB charger (output 5v 1A) and tried with a new cable and it again didn't charge the phone (no sound no nothing upon plug in). I went on to try my old HTC phone and it charged up. I tried my wife's iPhone and it works perfectly.

    I know the S4 is using 5v 2A charger, but at home using wall outlet I tried using my old HTC charger which is 5v 1A and it worked! So far it's just my S4 not charging in the car.

    The only thing I have not tried is using a Samsung car charger to try as I don't have one.

    Is there anything I should know about or anyone having the same problem?
    05-06-2013 02:44 AM
  2. j0n_8's Avatar
    Sorry thinking out loud here...

    Is there a difference in the type of USB cables?
    05-06-2013 04:26 AM
  3. ibcop's Avatar
    05-06-2013 04:58 AM

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