1. Xamanus's Avatar
    I can never hear my calls ( ringing tone), this is so annoying. Please can some one help me this. Its getting a bit hard adapting to the s4 from blackberry. Also is it possible to set blackberry ring tones?
    Also other small little things like how to disable the facebook and notifications? also the dropbox automatically stole my pictures from my phone. wtf?

    Could someone please make an introduction to s4 for beginners.

    Thanks and regards.
    05-06-2013 06:12 AM
  2. aj_84's Avatar
    Have you checked whether the sound is up for ringtones? Unlike BB and iPhone, the android system has 4 different volume bars so pressing the up/down button for instance may only change up the system sounds.
    Go into settings>my device>sound
    Then Volume

    Check the ringtone volume is up. You should have a bar for music/videos/other media, ringtones, notification and system.

    Facebook notifications: Go into the facebook app, click the left button on your phone to bring up the menu and hit settings
    You can turn it off in there

    Dropbox - this was an option when you signed in whether you wanted to sync photos
    You can turn it off when you go into settings>accounts>dropbox and then account settings
    I think it's the camera upload from memory

    I'm fairly new to android myself having been "i" man for many years but one thing I find with Android is it's all there...somewhere :- )
    05-06-2013 08:23 AM

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