1. Thiscrapsucks35's Avatar
    Just got the phone on Saturday. Been playing with it/convincing my wife to move over from the iphone to android ever since.

    Moving forward, I'm kind of a light sleeper. I keep my phone charging on a night stand next to my bed. Last night, the phone lock screen KEPT coming on by itself. It probably did this about 3-4 times before I just decided to turn it over. The phone is in blocking mode from 11pm to 8 am so this should not have been an issue.

    I assume this is a bug. Does anyone know why this happens and/or how to resolve it?
    05-07-2013 07:33 AM
  2. Rim85's Avatar
    Mine does the same, I charge all night and it fires up a few times..and mine is blocked from 2200 to 0700.
    05-07-2013 07:44 AM
  3. DroidXcon's Avatar
    Maybe shut off quick glance under settings> motions

    From my Galaxy Note 2 via Tapatalk
    05-07-2013 07:46 AM
  4. Thiscrapsucks35's Avatar
    Hmm, it WAS off.

    I did receive some work emails overnight. I am wondering if the phone is lighting up when I receive those emails even thought it should not be (b/c of blocking mode).
    05-07-2013 07:54 AM

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