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    I stopped at a Sprint store on the way home from work (I am a Verizon customer...whisper...) to check out the S4. They didn't have any display models of the S4. However, the Sprint salesman gets a key out of his pocket and unlocks a cabinet and hands me an actual, fully functional white S4, still wrapped in plastic! Awesome....I am holding and feeling this device free of any obscene large power connector or Fort Knox security device hanging from it. I have to say I am blown away with the quality feel of the device even after all the comments I have read and heard on the www. Being a man of small stature I was a little worried the overall footprint of the phone would be too large for me. Not the case at all. In landscape mode I could reach all keys on the qwerty keyboard with ease. Holding the phone in portrait mode with one hand I could easily access the top of the screen with my thumb. The phone slid in and out of my pocket with far less hassle than my Bold 9930. It's extremely light and well balanced. Powering up the phone for the first time and seeing the super bright screen come to life, I swear I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "Hallelujah" in the background. It looks great and it's fast too as I flipped through the home screens and applications. I didn't have a lot of time to play around with the S4 but it's inevitable this phone will be my next smartphone.

    To those who have this device already, I enjoy reading your stories and comments.

    Have a great day!
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    05-08-2013 06:34 PM
  2. dEris's Avatar
    So he unboxed it and removed plastics so you can stick it in and out of your pocket freely? weird
    05-08-2013 06:50 PM
  3. GMJeff's Avatar
    It could have been their demo unit that just hadn't been put on the floor yet.

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    05-09-2013 12:05 AM
  4. rushmore's Avatar
    Go to a corporate AT&T store, since they have them on live demo to try out. Until VZW offer a 32gb version, the days until launch are moot for me..... Tito, pass me a tissue!
    05-09-2013 08:25 AM

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