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    has anyone been able to successfully purchase this phone with a 1 year contract agreement instead of the more advertised 2 year agreement. I've had an iPhone since the very first launch (still cant believe it was $700). I've had enough of apple and iOS and have had other phones between but went back mainly due to the fact 2-3 years ago technically wasn't on par with Apple then. Ill give Apple that. Its a whole different story now. Anyway, I waited for the 32gb which releases tomorrow but I have heard from reps they do not do 1 year agreements, only 2 in store. I spoke online with a rep and they seemed confused by this because the 1 year agreement is an option on their site. So basically is there a chance I can get a 1 year upgrade in store tomorrow or should I just play it safe and order. Id rather have the phone for the weekend that's my thing. And to answer "why not just sign a 2 year" potential responses...every year for the past decade I've had a one year agreement, the 4S was the only phone I've had a agreement over 12 months and I will never hold onto another phone for more than a year again. In my personal opinion due to experience I feel they are manufactured to crap out in a 12 month time frame to push you to buy a newer model.
    05-09-2013 05:39 PM

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