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    I wrote something similar in the One threads a while ago and wanted to share here as well. These 2 apps will help you get excellent battery life.




    Wakelock detector allows you identify processes that prevent your device from going into deepsleep when the screen is off. It shows you how many times they woke your device and for how long. This will help you know which processes causes the most drain do you take action. For instance, in most cases, we have apps that have some sort of location reporting enabled and we don't bother to check when we install them. They keep checking our locations, thus using battery. So when you identify certain apps you can use....




    Greenify allows you to put apps into hibernation so they don't run processes in the background when you aren't using them. There are apps that we don't think about they having processes running but really have no choice but to let them run or uninstall them. Instead of uninstalling or freezing them you put them in hibernate. So you can still use them and share with them, etc...

    Gone are the days of Juice Defender killing data connections and manually toggling radios and constantly adjust screen brightness. I have all radios enable (except bluetooth because I don't use at all) as well as location services on and my battery life is great. More importantly, very little power is used when I'm not using the phone and that's really what's important. Try it out if you haven't. Good luck.
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    05-10-2013 09:57 AM
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    Just to give an example. Here's how I'm doing today. I should easily get over 4 hours onscreen time and 24 hours off charger with similar use.

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