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    I ordered a Spigen Ultracrystal screen protector bundled with another case, but ended up deciding to order a few other things through Spigen. I decided to get the Glas.tR. I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can just leave a screen protector lying around for a year or two (the ultra crystal), and still be able to depend on the adhesive to work later on. Very odd question!

    The stuff I've gotten so far are the Glas.tR, the ultracrystal screen protector, the black Crumena View pouch, and the black Case Slim Armor, and the Cellet Galaxy S4 hard case (which is just a very slim case). Maybe I've gone overboard... but I wanted a super slim case with a nice smooth feel, a more protective case, and a pouch case, and a good screen protector.
    05-10-2013 05:35 PM

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