1. thelittlebreadcrumb's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 last night (Qualcomm sticker on the box), my excited friend turned it on after chucking the battery in and I found out that it came charged with 62% on it. After the initial set up was complete I put the phone on charging. It charged to 100% within 45 minutes and just for safe keeping I let it charge even further. It was untouched for 2 and a half hours straight (recommended time by a friend). After this, just before I called it a night, I just synced up my google accounts and slept. Awkwardly enough, I woke up 3 hours later, it was still charging, so I decided to take it off charging and just install facebook, facebook messenger and instagram. I browsed each for about 5 minutes at most and put it back for charging and took it off for the last time at 8:40 AM (this morning).

    After that, I just used to phone to play 2 HD YouTube videos, try out Air Gesture and again, fidgeted with the phone for facebook every 5-10 minutes with just browsing for new wallpapers. That's literally it.

    So, from 8:40 to 11, the battery went from 100% to 83%, now this compared to other users of the phone sounds like the battery drains rapidly. When the phone is not used, it holds charge really well, but if I'm browsing emails, it will drop by 1% or using the camera.. went from 83 to 79% (used it for 3-4 minutes).

    Oh and if it counts for anything... The phone still doesnt have a sim card in there as I have yet to get a MicroSIM.

    Does this sound normal? If not, how can I fix this? I apologize for the long post but I wanted to include as much detail as I could.

    Thanks and any help is appreciated!
    05-11-2013 08:38 PM
  2. Vikas Patil's Avatar
    Hey thelittlebreadcrumb,

    Samsung Galaxy S4 has a bigger screen which drains battery fast.
    You may want to try Snapdragon BatteryGuru app from the Google-Play-Store. I would suggest to install all your apps then go for BatteryGuru.
    As this app studies your usage for two days and then starts working. I have got a marginal increase in battery life with this app.

    Though there are many battery/juice-saving apps in android market, my experience (till now on many smartphones) says, screen drains most of the battery.
    battery-discharge from 100% to less than 10% in around 20 hours on a normal day use is a pretty decent time available now on any smartphone.
    Normal-day-use for me is just taking few calls, using social/professional networking apps, browsing some news/weather apps, watching few short video clips etc...
    and none of these: Gaming / watching movies / streaming / GPS Navigations / using as internet hot-spot / many pics with flash etc.

    This is not very encouraging but a fact for now. All smartphones including iPhones have this issue.

    Let's wait for better batteries

    Thanks for reading
    06-28-2013 11:49 AM

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