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    Hi chaps..

    Having had iPhones for years (a 3, then a 3GS, a 4 and then the last was a 4s) I was impressed by the hype and promises of the GS4 and thought I'd give it and Android a go (had a couple of nasty experiences with Android so was a little apprehensive)... anyhoo.. so far so good... There are some really cracking features within the S4 and the screen is beautiful, there are also some real PITA sides to the platform and the device which aren't just about familiarity with the platform... Overall I would class my experience (after 2 weeks) as neutral. i.e. the pros and the cons of each platform balance each other out.

    Anyway.. to my question (and current biggest niggle with the GS4)... the main driver for me jumping from iOS to Android and the GS4 was that there are a couple of 3rd party apps that can suck important data from an external device and save the time and hassle of inputting manually, as the apps in question require the information updating frequently to give the best output solution, doing it via Bluetooth automatically is a great bonus. iOS won't allow it, Android will.. so.. that was the push I needed to take the leap..

    Ironic then that the main reason for me moving platforms has now become my biggest gripe. I guess this may be an unusual issue but who knows...

    When I jumped into the car with my iPhone, it would connect voice via Bluetooth to the car hifi, my TomTom and my Jawbone earpiece simultaneously (and music audio just to the hifi... Bluetooth output volume is my second biggest gripe... it is absolutely rubbish on he GS4... but... I digress) so... my iPhone would sit connected to all 3 devices at the same time and then allow me to choose where the voice audio was actually routed during a call... this meant that, when making or more importantly, receiving a call, the hifi would automatically mute, I could see who was calling on the screen of my TomTom and then talk to them through the headset...

    I may be missing something but after looking and looking it would appear that the GS4 with android will only allow 1 BT voice and 1 (really rubbish) BT music connection to 1 external device at any one time. Can you guys confirm this for me to save me expending any more energy. Is there a workaround to get my GS4 to do what my iPhone did?

    Many thanks.
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    05-12-2013 05:51 AM
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    I didn't entirely read your long-winded question.
    Never the less, I think my long-winded reply should be helpful:

    I had troubles installing my S4 with BlueTooth (BT) on Windows 7 using Microsoft drivers.

    I think my solution for S4 should also work with your S4 Mini:
    1. I uninstalled all BT software on my PC then cleared device driver build-up with USB Deview.
    2. I installed Broadcom BT device drivers on my PC--which apparently works with any USB BT adapter.
    3. I installed BT File Transfer on my S4.
    4. With the S4 BT turned off, using the BT File Transfer Widget: I activated "Bluetooth File Receiving Service (OPP) Port 12" and then the "Bluetooth File Sharing Service (FTP) Port 30".
    5. I turned S4 BT on and re-paired with Windows. All BT services found on my S4 were installed except one:
      • Bluetooth Hands-free Audio
      • Bluetooth L2CAP Interface
      • Bluetooth Remote Control
      • GATT Protocol
      • GAP Protocol
      • Bluetooth Headset AG
      • Bluetooth Hands-free AG
      • Bluetooth AV Remote-Control Target
      • Bluetooth AV Source
      • Bluetooth Network Access
      • Bluetooth Personal Area Network User (PANU)
      • Bluetooth OPP
      • Bluetooth FTP
      • Bluetooth Message Access
      • Bluetooth Peripheral Device--Not Installed.

    My S4 appeared in Windows Explorer as a system folder under My Computer--with full upload/download capabilities--just as if I had connected via USB cable, though only the internal memory was available, not the SD card.

    I can stream music from my S4 to my PC speakers, or use a PC headset or microphone and speakers for voice calls--though I don't have a headset, nor a microphone.

    There is a fancy BT dialogue window to view sms inbox as well as send and receive text messages, and notifications--though I've found the inbox to be often out-of-sync.

    I can also use my S4 as a proximity device to lock my PC when I leave it and then unlock it when I return, this is good at work.

    I haven't been able to use the BT Network Access--using the S4 as an internet connection--using the Broadcom drivers, even when I activate the BT Tethering setting before pairing. I have seen this service available when I used different drivers and I'm pretty sure it worked, but audio streaming didn't work.

    I'm pretty sure the BT Peripheral Device that did not install with the Broadcom drivers is for using the S4 to control the mouse or keyboard on the PC, or perhaps visa versa, using the PC mouse and keyboard to control the S4. I have seen this service installed and available when I used different drivers, but it didn't work and nor did audio streaming.

    I hope this helps, feel free to ask if you want me to clarify anything.

    Puppet Test Pilot

    Edit: I just read all of your post. I'm not sure how to delete my reply. I'm sorry my reply doesn't answer your car question but I hope it helps with your PC.
    06-12-2014 10:02 PM

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