1. jaysmd's Avatar
    First time user of a Samsung phone.
    Had the s-view cover on from day one and the auto brightness adjust worked great didn't even notice it switching between lighting.
    Just recently I changed to a normal cover and noticed with my auto brightness ticked I get a 3-5 second lag on waking the phone.. It will be really dark and I have to wait before the screen adjusts and I can use it.
    Is this common in these phones? Did the S-View cover really make a difference? I'm curious to know, even though its only a minor issue its still of annoyance.
    Thanks guys!
    05-13-2013 08:07 PM
  2. XavierMatt's Avatar
    I'd go crazy. No phone every did auto rotation or auto brightness well until my HTC one. BlackBerry always had the best auto brightness. And apple the best auto rotation. My ONE does them both better than any android phone I've owned.

    HTC ONE ~ Android Central App
    05-13-2013 08:17 PM
  3. jaysmd's Avatar
    The auto brightness on the iphone 5 worked without fault.
    I think basically im trying to work out is if this delay of screen brightness on auto is common amongst the s4 phones...
    I think the fact the s-view cover is constantly closed on the screen and covering the light sensor, it does a better job setting a brightness to adjust to.. With a more open case now the light sensor is always directly in different lights and it confuses itself.
    Anyone with the delay in waking up with screen brightness please let me know
    05-13-2013 08:40 PM

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