1. kcough's Avatar
    Just got the S4 and love it. Coming from iphone 4 and itunes. I have had android tablets so I am familiar.

    I got all my music converted to mp3 and put on my phone. Downloaded Kies to use as a sync.

    When I synced the music on my phone in the way I thought was correct I ended up with two copies of each song on my phone. I deleted all copies and figured it was just because it was the first time.

    Tried again so I could get some albums I downloaded directly to my phone in the last few days to my the Kies library for back up. Again, I get two copies of each song.

    I don't doubt this is my newbie user error but it is quite frustrating!

    For Target Device I have "internal memory" chosen.
    For Select Library or Music Folder I have folder Music chosen.

    Any ideas or help for a newbie?

    05-14-2013 01:21 PM
  2. kcough's Avatar
    I did figure out this problem. I had to many libraries attached to WMP. Sync now works.
    05-15-2013 02:32 PM
  3. Carlos Garcia Alvarez's Avatar
    I have copied all my music from PC to my galaxy s4 using Kies but I have some album songs duplicated in Kies library and I have deleted them on the phone using DupeOut

    Then when I connect my phone to Kies it syncs the music from Kies library to my phone copying again the songs I have deleted on my phone

    How can I get Kies to delete the songs I have deleted from the phone in the Kies library? I mean to keep songs from phone when syncing
    05-23-2013 08:40 AM

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