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    So I decided to see who this S Voice character was hogging up the double tap home command on my phone. What I found was interesting.

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368578945589.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368578977340.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579078019.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579111306.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579143300.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579195982.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579229302.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579270951.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579296028.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579323998.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579342549.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579361871.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579380415.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579404877.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579434120.jpg

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    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579495604.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579513210.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579531760.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579547788.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579568841.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579583403.jpg

    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579597767.jpg

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Conversations with S-Voice-uploadfromtaptalk1368579650044.jpg

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