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    So I have a problem with the gallery which is very annoying when I'm in a quiet place and I try to delete, lets say a picture. And when I click on it. the phones speaks and say "The check box is currently check" how do I turn this off I have reset the phone and everything even looked at a friends S4 theirs does not do this. Any help please and Thank you..
    05-16-2013 10:08 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You have to go into Settings, Accessibility, and make sure the "Talk Back" option is turned off. Also, be aware that there's a long-running Samsung issue with programs that use Accessibility (such as NoLED or LightFlow) that MAY cause TalkBack to be turned on on its own; in the most severe cases, it remains active even though you don't activate it in the settings.

    If the latter is your (sad) case, you have two options:
    1) Freeze TalkBack (Settings, App Manager, All tab, TalkBack, Disable), but if you do this, you won't be able to use the feature unless you reactivate it.
    2) Use a different launcher. The bug has to do with TouchWiz; if you use a different launcher, you're clear.
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    05-16-2013 10:53 AM
  3. Jonathan Simpson1's Avatar
    What are some other apps that will allow me to change my led just like Light flow because thats what I was using it. and turned it off in it didn't speak again
    05-16-2013 07:08 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I don't know which app would let you do that (LightFlow is pretty much de de-facto standard for that) BUT it doesn't matter which app you use: To change the LED color for non-system apps (Whatsapp, for instance), the app needs to use the Accessibility features, which triggers the TalkBack bug. If you REALLY want to use LightFlow, then you have to either "Freeze" the TalkBack app or use a different Launcher.

    In my case, I wouldn't need to use TalkBack at all, so I'd freeze it.
    05-17-2013 08:41 AM
  5. Jonathan Simpson1's Avatar
    Where do I go to freeze it?
    05-18-2013 08:34 PM