1. Dharam Rathod's Avatar
    no notification sound, no ring, no alarms in between use, only works after restart.

    I have kept my gesture setting and motion setting off for quick mute and play and pause, still its doing the same.

    Its my third replacement from phones4U, Really annoying and absolutely no concrete help offered. Every time changing a handset is not a solution to the problem. Its frustrating and so i would like to find out if any one has any help out here or any one going through same kind of problem as mine.

    please reply to me before i have to go for the worst and change my phone for I5

    05-17-2013 10:26 AM
  2. Dharam Rathod's Avatar
    Does anyone has suggestion or anyone facing same kind of issue please reply to me!!
    05-20-2013 04:46 PM
  3. Rick Bray's Avatar
    as far as i imagine... it might be one of two options... either you have it muted (on the notification widgets, the sound one, gives you the option for sound/vibrate/mute...you can also try and turn up the volume, it will show you an option to turn volume up, and a settings icon, for you to set different volumes), OR you have "blocking mode" on, which can disable every notification/alarm/leds/incoming-calls.... try and disable it, also from the notification widgets.....

    good luck! and let us know any updates with your problem
    05-20-2013 04:56 PM
  4. Dharam Rathod's Avatar
    thanks for ur reply I appreciate tht,...but absolute nothing it does when its mute out.... i have tried playing music put my sound on everything even placing a call still it goes mute ..it stays mute until i restart and than everything starts to work just like normal..which is a bit strange..but next time if it goes mute i will try disabling Blocking mode or sound notification on-off-on again and see how it goes..this is my fourth handset they have replaced within two weeks soo am a bit fed up actually, of all the hassle of transferring and backing up everything.
    Love the phone but dnt understand why is it doing this to me....I dont see any one facing same issue and thts more frustrating to be the only one....Why ME
    anyways Many thanks for taking time out to reply.
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    05-21-2013 08:51 AM
  5. louks7's Avatar
    I m also facing the same problem unfortunately....today i woke up i had my phone on mute and when i put the sound on again it didnt work...i cannot hear anyone while on calls and no music no notification...nothing...what the hell is this?you mentioned u have replaced it and every device does the same??i have four friends having the same phone but nobody faces the same problem...it s really frustrating...
    05-22-2013 02:37 AM
  6. seanp316's Avatar
    I had this same issue with my S3 all the time and have had it happen with my S4 a couple times. I'm tech savvy and aware of how to change the volume settings. The only way I've gotten it to work is to either reset the phone or a faster way is to clear your RAM by holding the home button, hit the bottom left button (pie chart) and then click on the RAM tab and hit "clear memory".
    05-23-2013 12:06 AM
  7. Dharam Rathod's Avatar
    I know we are in a same boat..and absolutely no help offered from Samsung or the carrier technician...About other friends I don't know why ..hard to understand.
    really Samsung needs to come forward and show some response on their most priced product. Really doesn't feel looked after by samsung or T-mobile either
    05-23-2013 12:50 PM
  8. gabbott's Avatar
    Have you checked to see if blocking mode is getting enabled?
    05-23-2013 12:54 PM
  9. louks7's Avatar
    yesterday i formatted the device and got it from the scratch...for the whole day no problem appeared...but in the evening again the device got stuck and again went to mute...now it s not even switching on....any new suggestions???
    05-24-2013 02:39 AM
  10. Dharam Rathod's Avatar
    SAMSUNG (0330 7267864). samsung support team. Please log your issues with them as i have done mine, they are very helpful and patience listener.Whereas Phones4 u guys really dnt knw wht they are talking about everytime i have gone there, they have offered me a replacement handset.
    Try running a hardware test for the phone by dialing *#0*# which will allow to test all the hardware function of the phone, whether any of them is having an issue viz sound, screen, vibration, camera, sensor etc.
    Also when the phone has run into the problem and turned dead Mute , taking a screen shot of the services in use and cached processes from Application Manger under Setting Panel should be helpful for the technician at support team to look into .. to get into the root of the problem and look for the solution there on.
    Good Luck All.
    05-24-2013 11:18 AM
  11. henucu33's Avatar
    Had the same issue with my nexus 5. Here is what fixed it. go to settings-> apps -> running. look at the running applications , and kill one app at a time, and then immediately press the up/down volume button to see if you hear the beep. if you dont hear the beep kill the next process and repeat the process until you hear a beep. the last app that you killed just before you hear the beep, is the culprit. in my case, its textplus app, i had no volume mute issues after I uninstalled it.
    01-30-2014 10:23 AM
  12. Carl Kohn's Avatar
    Frustrating is right!!! I have the same problem and I have tried everything
    that I can think of. My vendor is Wind Mobile in Canada and they say
    check with the samsung.

    Would love an answer, could it be a power saving feature?


    03-07-2014 10:21 AM
  13. janban34's Avatar
    I'm currently experiencing the same problem too and it's so annoying because I just got the phone and it's suppose to be brand new.
    10-22-2014 10:48 AM

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