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    This is driving me insane because this seems to just started to happen tonight. And the worst part is this problem is inconsistent so I'm not sure what is going on.

    When I lock my phone and it goes into standby I test it out by sending myself an instant message through google talk/facebook messenger/email. Sometimes I will hear my phone ring and I'll get my notification instantaneously when the screen is off. Everything seems fine.

    I try the exact same thing 10 minutes later. I send myself another instant message/email and I hear nothing. No notification at all. I get bombarded by all the notifications when I unlock my phone and go to the home screen after about 2 seconds. I have the "sync" toggle on as well.

    There have been times where I've been thinking I haven't received a response from friends yet on my phone because I never got a notification, yet when wake my phone up and unlock it lone and behold they actually have responded a while ago.

    My data is on 24/7. I rarely use my wifi connection.

    I've restarted my phone in hopes to fix this issue and same thing is happening. I'm tempted right now to just go back to factory settings and start all over again. I hope someone could please help!
    05-18-2013 08:22 PM

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