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    I'm having an issue right now;

    I have set ALL my apps, contacts and other system settings, to what I want them to behave...
    However; every now and then my lock screen seems to freeze, and I can't get access to the Live Wallpapers, as it gives me an error.
    (not that I use these live wallpapers, as they consume too much battery life, but still I should be able to access them without giving me an error)

    - Now I would like to do a factory reset, and after that restoring all the app-specific changes that I manually made.
    (including any system tweaks... minus the freezes of course, but that's what the factory reset should solve for me)

    What's the easiest way to backup all my settings, and to be sure I can restore everything - without losing anything - the way it was?
    (minus the freezes)
    05-20-2013 09:01 AM

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