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    So its been 3 days that have my S4. I have to say I really like this phone.

    -Screen AMAZING
    -Battery life AMAZING
    -Camera AMAZING
    -Tons of accessories (Nice to see)

    These 4 reasons alone were enough for me to switch from the S3.

    I read people having lag issue. Not me. Only time I get lag is when apps are updating from the play store. Very smooth transition between screens and apps open up the same second I touch them. I dont have to many apps installed, maybe 30 or so. This could change as I add more and more apps.
    I also turned off S voice and Animation in developer options. This could be why I have fewer lags then others.

    The phone feels great in my hands. Better then the S3. I know its plastic but it still feels great to hold. Honestly most people complaining about the plastic are the ones that cover their phones up with 9 screen protectors and the Super Duper Ballistic Ultra Thick protector case. Sort of irrelevant to have a phone made of aluminum if you will covert it up.

    Out of all the features I think Air gestures is the only one I would actually use. I could see why browsing up and down a page without touching the screen is useful.
    Being able to swipe my hand over the phone when in sleep mode to get a glimpse of current notification is a big plus.

    I am neither a Samsung/Android fan boy nor an Apple fan boy. I get what device I believe will be best for me. Once I get bored of it I change ☺. I never tried HTC one since my carrier doesnt have it (fido). But it does look like a sweet phone maybe trade for it in the near future? ☺ Or see what Apple brings out. But for now S4 is in my mind the Top Smartphone to have.
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    05-23-2013 01:14 PM

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