1. gsk0422's Avatar
    Hey, just got Samsung Galaxy S4(tmobile) and just LOVE IT!! it's fast and fun BUT..... I'm very disappointed that the playstore(market) does not have Bubble Witch Saga App. It has cheats and all but not the main app. Can anyone tell me if it was never available for any of the Samsung S series.
    Thank you
    05-23-2013 03:11 PM
  2. weavejenn's Avatar
    Hi gsk, you can download the apk from Free Android apps & games download | 1mobile.com. I had the same issue, I have an ASUS Transformer TF201 (Bubble Witch works) and then I got an Acer A700 and Google won't let me download it because "it is not compatible". For some reason, even though both tablets have similar specs, this game works better on the Asus than it does on the Acer. I have been trying to see if I can find a tweak to make it work better on the Acer.... The version on the Asus was 2.2.3 and it just updated to 2.3.3 - not sure if there's a big difference, but if you have an issue with the later one, Search Google for the earlier version.

    Good luck!
    05-26-2013 01:40 AM

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