1. valanlazarus's Avatar
    Does anyone know if the glas.tR will work with a case mate tough case? I like the Spigen slim armor cases but like that fact that you have the option of custom graphics on the case mate. Unfortunately the only compatibility chart I could find on Spigen's website just lists iPhones. Thanks for the help.
    05-25-2013 11:23 AM
  2. Raptor007's Avatar
    Well by looking at it, it seems similar to the Incipio Duo cases where the rubber lip should have some give, but its tough to really say. I would contact Case-Mate and ask them, Spigen will likely tell you their screen protectors have been tested on their cases. Its tough for Spigen to test their screen protectors on every other case out there but I suspect it might be safe.
    05-25-2013 03:11 PM
  3. valanlazarus's Avatar
    I was thinking the same thing. I figured that the rubber on the case mate would have a bit of give to it and probably slip over the glas without too much resistance. Might be a bit snug but I think it'll work out. Once i get everything put together I'll update this thread.
    05-25-2013 03:28 PM
  4. valanlazarus's Avatar
    Finally got everything in and it all fits together beautifully. The tR adds a bit more heft and sits really close to the lip of the case but I still like it. Beats the crap outta the plastic protectors we had on before. Very happy with my purchases.
    06-04-2013 12:20 AM
  5. Raptor007's Avatar
    I have to say this is my first Glas.tR Slim or otherwise and I absolutely love it compared to any plastic screen protector in the past. Zero dust under it, installed super easy and it fits perfectly with the extra black button cover I got from Spigen along with my NeoHybrid.
    06-07-2013 08:14 PM

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