1. bsmithphoto13's Avatar
    Ok guys, I am in the market for a second phone. As of now I use a Blackberry Z10 as my main phone and am now looking for something to accompany it. Before you say anything about what Im using, I am very happy with it and am not getting rid of it. I have owned every Iphone from the 3G to the 5 and have enjoyed them all. I have also owned a few androids in the past as well (HTC One X and Galaxy S3). I am currently looking for something that will be more of a play device, good for apps, camera and just killing time. My main concerns are battery life and camera.

    Right now I am looking at getting either the Iphone 5 or Galaxy S4. I had purchased the HTC One and liked it but the phone seemed to get warm when using it even lightly and made my hand sweat ( I know... gross... haha).

    I am posting this in both this forum and one on Imore and would like some honest opinions from people who might have used both and have decided which is right for them.

    Any help with be greatly appreciated!
    05-25-2013 01:41 PM
  2. JenTDOT's Avatar
    I love my S4 but just to mix it up, have heard Note 2 is very good on battery life and it may be suitable more for play as it is a bit larger. Not sure about the camera though....but I would chose S4 over iPhone any day. Screen is worth it...
    05-25-2013 02:25 PM

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