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    I had a galaxy nexus and when I sent out a group msg, all replies came back in the same group msg. On my Verizon s4, I get a desperate msg reply from each person I sent a group msg to. I when through the setting but I could not figure it out. I realize that handcent SMS app and may other 3rd party apps will do it but I want to stay stock. Any ideas?

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    05-25-2013 08:02 PM
  2. willizen's Avatar
    Make sure there isn't an option to enable group messaging in the app itself. I don't have an SGS4 but I had to enable it on my HTC one. Otherwise, you won't have much of choice but to use something like handcent, which does work pretty well btw

    Posted via my HTC One
    05-25-2013 08:35 PM

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