1. Purnomo85's Avatar
    I got my S4 from AT&T from the States last week, but since I'm using it in New Zealand the phone got to be unlock. For the first 4 days everything worked great and I start to get attached to it until yesterday all in a sudden i got no connection whatsoever. I can't connect to mobile data, can't make any phonecall, can't sent any txt messages even when I tried to call it, it goes straight to my voice msg. I got to restart my phone anytime it happens and its pretty annoying knowing this phone is just lest than a week old. Anyone know what happens with this issue?

    05-25-2013 10:02 PM
  2. fantom305's Avatar
    I don't know if it is a problem with the card that you are using there or not. I just going to try to give you couple of advises in the settings and hopefully they will help you. If your mobile data is not checked you will not be able to send or receive txt messages. First thing I will suggest is in the setting under network, make sure that airplane mode is not checked. Under mobile network make sure that mobile data and data roaming is checked. Most important under access point names, make sure that your provider is showing and is ticked, I will not tell you to go into the edit part of if your service provider cause I don't know the settings you have in New Zeland. Lastly make sure that under network mode you have chosen the correct network mode and the correct network operator. I know is not much but these are things to check before anything. Hopefully other more knowledgeable members will be able to help you further.
    05-26-2013 01:14 AM

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