1. tarnak's Avatar
    I was wondering what would be a good brand of 32 or 64gig micro sd card to get for the gs4?
    05-27-2013 12:15 AM
  2. mpdofficer514's Avatar
    SanDisk Ultra

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    05-27-2013 12:16 AM
  3. bembol's Avatar
    I only buy SanDisk, Kingston or Lexar. I look for the cheapest.

    I have a SanDisk Ultra 64GB.
    05-27-2013 12:51 AM
  4. r2t's Avatar
    Definitely SanDisk or Kingston. Make sure you look at the class of the SD card, also. Higher the class will have better performance in some areas like sending and receiving data quicker. For most parts, you are not going to notice it, though.
    05-27-2013 05:56 AM
  5. jcp007's Avatar
    SanDisk micro sdxc Class 10 card 64GB.

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    05-27-2013 06:06 AM
  6. Joe_Perone's Avatar
    I was going to buy Sandisk, but Adata was having a deal that I couldn't pass up. On a one day sale at Canada Computers, 32GB SDHC Class-10 UHS-I for $9.99. I've been impressed with it, and this is coming from a Kingston user for practically forever. Something interesting about this card too, it also has the ENTIRE 32GB available for storage, rather than merely 31 or 30, which I thought was a plus.
    05-27-2013 06:58 AM
  7. Wilbur's Avatar
    I bought a SanDisk 64Gb Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 chip.

    Here's a test between the SanDisk and Samsung's microSDXC Pro UHS-1. Keep in mind the Samsung memory generally costs more.

    The best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4

    64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card

    64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card

    Now consider the speed difference between internal NAND memory and external SD memory. The Samsung SD card was used in this test.

    Galaxy S4 storage speed ~ internal NAND vs external SD card

    Internal memory writes about THREE times faster and reads almost SIX times faster than external SD memory. NOTE from the article: For your information, Galaxy S4 does not support UHS-I standard. Therefore, my 64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card cant get 70 MB/s reading and 20 MB/s writing on Galaxy S4.

    So Samsung and carriers ... where are the 32Gb and 64Gb models with the much faster memory??? Some news articles suggest there is still a world wide shortage of internal memory and thats why they are pushing the "little" 16Gb models.
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    05-27-2013 10:21 AM
  8. nomoreapples's Avatar
    Thank you for the SD cards info. Do you mean the Samsung micro card won't work on the GS4?!? Thats what I am understanding.. I am planning to buy the Galaxy S4 in Hong Kong use in Canada but friends say to wait for S5 to come out, etc. Do you know by chance if the GS4 is compatible working with MACbook?? I know it's Android and will work better with a PC but the Mac worked great with iPhone till now i want to throw that phone against the wall. Any one any anwers?? Thank you
    10-30-2013 07:09 AM

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