1. hightechjunkieva's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Well I got suckered in by Sprint and walked out the door paying only $47.00 for my new GS4 after trading in my GS3 for $107.00(that had a bad LCD by the way) and the $100 off for switching to Sprint from Verizon. I cannot re-iterate this enough that I have made a HUGE MISTAKE and wish I could BEG VERIZON FOR FOREGIVENESS.

    A few things...

    1). The GS4 seems to be missing the buttery smoothness of the GS3. It's very glitchy. Not all the time but on certain apps it is and when transitioning between apps or screens. I know about the developer options to turn off the animations and this didn't seem to work either. I know smoothness can be a matter of perception but I just never saw ONE issue on my GS3. Many are saying that Touchwiz is very bloated on the GS4 and hopefully an update can remedy this.

    2). I also realize that some of my issues might have to do with Sprint's network being THE SLOWEST AND WORST NETWORK OUT THERE. I mean really, who doesn't have 4GLTE yet in Richmond, Va???!!! They say we'll have it between June & September but I'm not holding my breath. If by some miracle that happens maybe it will fix my Google speech recognition that seems to say ""Network Error" 50% of the time instead of recognizing my voice. And dont get me started on how slow Sprints network is.

    3). I posted another thread about the gradual ring on my GS4 as well. When the phone rings it rings at about 5% volume for the first second or two and then jumps to 100% volume. I dont know it this is a new Samsung feature or an issue with my phone. But I installed the app "Disable Increasing Ring" and that fixed the issue. I think this is a Samsung feature that they haven't told us about and there are no settings in the menu about it. Some say they have this issue on the GS4 some dont. Very weird.

    I hope when Sprint upgrades their network to 4GLTE in Richmond and Samsung pushes out some sort of fix, my issues will fix themselves or disappear. My BestBuy has a new Samsung Experience booth and the Samsung rep(nice guy by the way) said that he can connect my phone directly to Samsung's servers and check for any updates directly from Samsung without having to go through Sprint. Fingers crossed!

    If anyone else is having issues with their GS4 please feel free to let me know.
    05-27-2013 09:36 AM
  2. gabbott's Avatar
    I've been a Sprint customer since the late 90s. They've had their ups and downs. Depends an the area as far as coverage and network performance (as is with any carrier). Where I live I've grown tired of waiting for LTE and the abysmal 3g speeds. So I decided that when all my phones are off contract I'd had somewhere else. Then all of a sudden in the past month or so I'm consistently getting this on 3g:

    That's night and day to being lucky to get 300k on a good day. I can live with that until LTE rolls around what is supposed to be later this year.

    So maybe your area will begin to improve as well, but then again it's a gamble.

    I'm pretty happy with the performance of my S4. I came from a galaxy nexus to give reference.
    05-27-2013 09:52 AM
  3. Farish's Avatar
    Supposedly Sprint's LTE is at Virginia Beach. If that is close to you, I would give it a try out there and see if there is a difference. I wouldn't trust Sprint's rollout schedule 100 percent because they are in the middle of a merger battle. If Dish Network wins somehow, maybe they will change how the rollout pans out in order.
    05-27-2013 10:00 AM

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