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    Hey guys...

    Here is a little video test that I did. For the HTC One, hardware stabilization was enabled. Software stabilization on the S4 was off due to possible distortion. Quickly looking through the S4 menus, I didn't see any lock focus option. Anyone know if it exists? The HTC One has the option, however it was not turned on.

    Other devices I have are the Note 2, iPhone 5, and Optimus G Pro. We can add any of those to the mix. I haven't rendered the Optimus G Pro video, but I did them.

    I do want to compare it to the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

    Software stabilization turned on for the GS4. It doesn't look like it uses the same pan/zoom algorithm as the Optimus G Pro. That device crops the image significantly to give the image a stable appearance with video.

    On my trip to Colorado I added a low light test. I was pretty drowsy. Just woke up from a rest stop nap!

    Tried to let the HTC One redeem itself in the audio department. No cases and subject (me) is in front of the camera. No bouncing the sound off of a windshield. It is definitely quiet than the S4, but turn up the volume and let me know what you think of the quality.

    05-28-2013 08:07 AM

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