1. GS4Bob's Avatar
    I am new to Android and SmartPhones, but have used RoboForm for many years on the Windows PC and it has worked great.
    I now have a Samsung GS4 and it works well with all browsers, but the Gestures movements that the GS4 allows works with IE.
    RoboForm does not support IE. RF has a plugin for FireFox, which I am using.

    -I am interested in a Password Manager that does work with IE.
    -Also if it works with APP logins.
    -Also multiple page login sites.
    -AND the big one...will import my 200+ User Names, URLs, and Passwords from RoboForm!

    I have checked LastPass...I believe it used Safari?
    mSecure...I think they have their own browser?
    Keeper did not work with IE.
    KeePass does NOT work with multiple page login using KeeForm.
    Safe in Cloud used Chrome...does not work with GS4 Gestures, etc.
    Norton Identity Safe rolls its own.

    So, is there APP that does what I want?

    05-28-2013 09:11 AM
  2. GS4Bob's Avatar
    I am now using Dolphin and the RoboForm plugin. While it is not IE and therefore no Samsung gestures, it does not built in gestures that can be used.
    Also does not fill APP logins that I can tell so far....IS there one that will fill and APP login? ie Banking APP requires lengthy cumbersome password....how to auto fill?
    05-28-2013 07:53 PM

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