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    Hopefully the collective will be able to help this old fart. Thanks to a newly enlightened employer, i now have a S4 and the old BlackBerry Bold is no more. However, im at a loss how to replicate two useful features that the BB had.

    First, i would like to get the phone to vibrate twice for an incoming SMS sent to my AT&T address (<Cell number>@my.att.com) via SMTP from my work computer and only once for other emails. Also, i would like it to make a different sound for each type. (When the computer beckons i need to respond pronto but can get to regular email at a much slower pace.)

    Second, i would very much so like to replicate the profile change that occurred when the phone was near a magnet in the belt case vibrate (no sound) when in the pouch and sound when out of the pouch. Can i do this with a NFC TecTile 2 tag in an Otterbox belt clip?

    Functionality of the phone is somewhat limited by the Lotus Notes Traveler application. But, im not gripping because they pay the bill.
    05-31-2013 08:06 PM

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