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    Ok please folks...yes, I converted from an iPhone, but NO I am not trolling. I have an S4 and I'm really enjoying it a lot. And, because of that, I've been playing with a lot of apps. So I asked for this, I guess. I'm not throwing a tantrum, going back to iOS, etc. etc. It's just software causing this. But:

    My S4 is currently hanging about 5 times a day, completely freezing the screen, usually on trivial actions. Just happened now while I was listening to a podcast, browsing the Android Central forum app, and then tried to slide down the notifications bar (screen froze, and podcast stopped playing in BeyondPod; sometimes the screen has frozen but the player keeps playing). It's happened other times while in the Play store. Or just using apps, like texting or mail. Everything's fine, and then everything just locks up. A soft reboot fixes this, hold the power button for a long press, restart the phone everything is fine. I'm on AT&T and running 4.2.2 (updated, ie.)

    Is there a way for me to try to hunt down a crash log or some other debugging info that can show me what's causing the issue? I've hunted around, and a geek friend grumbled something about adb but I haven't rooted my phone and am not sure how to use it...but is there a crashlog location on the file system somewhere or some other tool I can use? I have been slowly removing things I've added to try to find some culprit. I have disabled the AT&T bloatware but this was happening before I did that. Other than factory reset and starting over again...is there some way to detect what might be causing the phone to lock up?

    Any tips on how to debug would be welcome.

    06-01-2013 09:02 AM
  2. 20blks's Avatar
    Could be one of those apps you've been messing with. Try and delete some of the ones you don't use. If not, look into doing a master reset

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-01-2013 03:00 PM

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