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    Full Comparison
    Samsung Galaxy S4 vs LG Optimus G Pro

    My Opinion: Samsung GS4 still rules all!

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    06-01-2013 03:14 PM
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    You just love your S4.& that's ok

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    06-01-2013 03:53 PM
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    Not sure where this guy got his pricing, but he is wrong.

    Starting Price on S4 $639 (16GB) and $669 for the 32GB and there is not such things as a 64GB model on AT&T.

    Starting Price on LG $549 (32GB) and there is no 16GB or 64GB version for the LG.

    This "reviewer" said S4 was $700 and the LG was $800. He was only off by $251 ....

    I love my S4 and prefer the size over the slightly larger LG OGP. But, I had the LG OGP for 14 full days before returning it and grabbing the S4.

    The LG OGP is an amazing phone. It doesn't any of the lag / hitching of the S4. (S4 lag is a non issue, it's Barely there) The screen is absolutely beautiful and outperforms the S4 in sunlight.

    It's 32Gb out of the box. LG's overlay is Very good. The default LG keyboard has swipe AND auto correct like Swype keyboard. Voice recognition was flawless and FAST.

    If the LG was 5" and fit in the hand as well as the S4. I wouldn't have went S4. But, the S4 for size and feel in the hand, to me, is perfection. I don't think the S4 feels cheap AT ALL, And its beautiful.

    At $549 full retail: the LG OGP is a Steal. Very good phone.
    06-01-2013 11:41 PM

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