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    Just swapped from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S4 and in general, I'm happy. A couple of things I can't seemt o figure out though:

    - from some people I get texts both through Samsung and Viber - very strange. Someone mentioned there are message apps for Samsung that's better to use?
    - my battery life seems to be longer if I use WiFi than 4G, could this be right? Do I also have to clear RAM and programmes in use each time I don't?

    What annoys the most though, which I do miss from iPhone, is location settings; on iPhone I could choose for example my weather app, FB and RunKeeper to always know my location, while all others were inactivated. I can't find a setting like this on Samsung. Anyone who has a trick or know-to on this?

    Any answers much appreciated! If it helps I'm in Sweden.
    Thank you!
    06-01-2013 04:51 PM

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