1. katiefitter's Avatar
    I broke the screen on my S4 about a month ago. Only the Gorilla Glass was affected and the touch screen was fully functional with only minor tracking issues over the shattered region. I found a repair place that was confident they could replace only the glass without doing a full LCD digitizer replacement. I did my research, I knew it was a complicated and time-consuming repair, I wasn't up to the task so I shelled out a wad of cash to have the work done.

    So the day of the initial repair, I go pick up my device and the glass is raised about a millimeter out of the metal frame. I take it back in. I did this about three times that day until it was finally flush. I get it home and realize the screen isn't picking up my touch. I take it back in the next day. They work on it some more, it's slightly better, still not picking up touch consistently around the edges and especially at the bottom of the LCD. If I tap the unresponsive region over and over, apply a little pressure, and work on it for a while (up to 45 seconds in some cases), it will eventually pick up my touch. Keep in mind that the hard-wired "Back" and "Menu" touchkeys have retained their functionality with no issues whatsoever. I call the monkeys at the place I had been taking it, they told me to take it to the expert, their boss, at a different location. Why they didn't do that initially, I don't know.

    So I take it to the expert, he plays with it a while, and tells me that he thinks it's the motherboard and that replacing the digi will do nothing. I think he's full of crap and it's not the motherboard, but might be the flex cable. I think they did a repair they couldn't do, treated my S4 like an S3 and damaged the flex cable or digi when they took the glass off. He doesn't want to do the digi because it is going to cost him a boatload, but I think it's what needs to be replaced. Thoughts?
    06-05-2013 12:21 PM
  2. Ashley Bilyeu's Avatar
    i replaced my digitizer in my s4 from a parts phone without replacing the lcd and had the same problem all u need is the glue for the digitizer it just needs to be put together properly it sounds like
    08-16-2013 04:35 AM

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