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    alright so it took me a bit but i used the galaxys4root.com you have to use the TWRP method on the site just a few things you should know, the us cellular link is correct it does say sch-r930 it was just a typo it is for the sch-r970. you do have to remove battery as you run odin the second it passes, there is a comment saying to do so from the author of the article. the super user download that you use on the site is incorrect otherwise when you open superuser on the phone after you attempt root it will say to update binaries and it will fail, or at least it was for me, in the comment section it is addressed by someone giving a link to the most updated version look for the may 27th date in the comments section it provides you with a link (i could post it on here if you cant find it but i am pressed for time at the moment). otherwise follow instructions and you should be able to achieve root, all the information is in the article i didnt have to go anywhere else except for the superuser link but as i said it is in the comment section, so if you just scan around the comments section you will be able to achieve root, a big shoutout to Golfdriver97 for sending me to the galaxys4root.com page it was a big help, if you need any extra help i will do what i can but this was my first time rooting so i may not be the most informative person but im sure someone will step in to help if you cant figure it out. thanks alot guys i love the androidcentral site!
    06-06-2013 11:34 AM
  2. Aaron Smith5's Avatar
    didnt realize i had the page for that link to the superuser update right on screen so here you go SuperSU Download
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    06-06-2013 11:37 AM
  3. Lemke22's Avatar
    Does this work with the update that came up soon after release (Build: JDQ39)?
    If so you just flash the file via Odin and it's all done?

    06-27-2013 05:36 PM

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