1. frangelico's Avatar
    When I open the s view cover fully (open so the cover is flipped to the back of the phone), the screen turns black and only shows the notification. This makes it impossible to view, play games or write messages while easily holding the phone.
    Any help?
    06-08-2013 07:30 PM
  2. Joeysmummy's Avatar
    Not much help to you, but mine does exactly the same. I thought initially there was a problem with the phone till I figured what was happening.
    06-09-2013 02:21 AM
  3. richs10's Avatar
    It sounds like you have counterfeit S-View Covers. There is a video on YouTube which shows this happening with knock-off covers. Apparently the magnet in the front of the cover is too strong. Some of the tip-offs that the cover is counterfeit are 1. the word Samsung printed at the top of the cover which the OEM does not have, and 2. the name Galaxy S IV, instead of Galaxy S4.

    Where did you buy them and what did they cost?

    06-09-2013 05:52 AM
  4. frangelico's Avatar
    Thanks Rich
    The cover does say samsung at the top, but Galaxy S4 at the bottom. I bought the case on eBay, had retail packaging
    06-09-2013 07:33 PM
  5. dacbeth's Avatar
    This is a Samsung S View case as shown on the Samsung site.

    06-09-2013 11:16 PM

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