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    Yesterday my S4 got really hot in my pocket after answering a text message and I noticed the battery draining at a percent a minute. I powered the phone off and turned it back on but it continued to do the same thing.

    I then pulled the battery and the heat went away but it was still discharging the battery quickly.

    Today the phone was at 100% charge and I received a couple of text messages and took about 5 pics. This was enough to drain the battery to 25% after 5 hours.

    I decided to reset the phone today and set it up like new out of the box. All seems fine now but does anyone have any insight as to what happened? The only thing I did yesterday was turn on adaptive sound and the day before that was set up Google +.


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    06-08-2013 07:45 PM
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    Try turning off Google Now and the locations services in Google Services app unless you really must have them. Makes a big difference.

    Also, consider apps such as
    1. Smart Wifi Toggler (this is an excellent app - automatically turns off wifi if your usual wifi servers are not available and checks at specified intervals).

    2. Battery Doctor (or similar app)

    These made a huge difference to my battery consumption.

    Hope that helps.
    06-08-2013 08:10 PM
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    It sounds like you had a rogue app or something got corrupted. The reset should solve the issue. It is a good practice to only do manual updates to apps so that you can keep track of a problem app if an update causes a problem.

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    06-08-2013 08:47 PM

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