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    Hi, I have bought a phone on gumtree (From the UK). It was locked on 3 and it was blocked (NOT LOCKED) to 3 due to unpaid bills. I was intended to use it abroad so I was like all I would need is to unlock (this time, unlock SIM not UNBLOCK).

    I brought the phone to Korea and as being at home of Samsung, I was so excited and ready to be proud of being an owner of such a cutting edge phone then I faced a problem.

    I was trying to unlock the phone so I enquired one of those confident unlock code suppliers and paid 20 quids for it.

    It wouldn't unlock though. my question is this. Is it impossible to UNLOCK (to use it on every network) on BLOCKED IMEI phone in the UK?

    I can't even say how many people confuse unBLOCK and unLOCK. So I am just trying to be clear as I can't find any solutions for this.

    I am just wondering if blocked imei phone in the UK which is locked on 3 prior to the block was brought to overseas, would it not be able to unlock? Well, to be honest, it's not about abroad. Just wondering if blocked phones can be unlocked at least. I want to use it on one of those Korean mobile companies and they say they do open an account for pay as you go for foreign expats here as well. All I want is to be able to use this phone.

    I am asking this because if it's impossible, I would not try to buy another codes as it'd be waste of money.

    Mine did not work on service mode thing (*#0011#). Haven't tried z3x? or whatever it is as it seemed so complicated.

    When I entered the code I received from the code provider, it said "Network unlocking request unsuccessful" or something like that. Heard Samsung phones do not have attempt limits on those so I am relieving at least.

    Please help, it'd be greatly, greatly appreciated.
    06-10-2013 11:19 AM

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