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    When I Bluetooth stream my music for the music app or spotify it studders and plays almost faster than normal. Anyone else having this problem. How do I fix it. This is how I listened to my music with my iPhone 5.


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    06-12-2013 05:51 AM
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    Bump for myself. Needs help

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    06-15-2013 05:25 AM
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    The problem is the address book. If you turn off update address book automatically the issue goes away. Seems the CPU in the system can't handle the address book updating and streaming at the same time. If you have a ton of contacts it can take a super long time every time you connect your phone. I'm still messing around with it to see how to manage this situation, but for now turning off address book updates fixes the problem which also happens with any of the streaming services including Google when played though myford touch.
    07-06-2013 01:49 PM

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