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    For some reason this just started when on wifi everything seems to be really slow. I so I ran the speed test app and it was really slow. I checked the wifi connection signal strength is very strong im close to router but link speed only show 5mb??? Before it was showing between 30-40 this on the 2.4 network. Now past few days will only show 5mb. If I switch to the 5ghz network its way faster speet test app almost max'x out at my IE speed of 50mbs down and 12-15upload and internet works really good and super fast. Link speed show as High as 455mbps and lowest on 5g network I hacve seen since I owned phone was 135mbps. Just ran speet test app on phone got. So any idea whats up with the 2.4 network I like to connect to it when I am farther away since the 2.4 will perform better at longer ranges. Thanks

    06-13-2013 06:09 PM

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