06-19-2013 08:05 AM
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    I think he was kidding.
    To an extent. I wouldn't say the iPhone is a POS, per se. Since I got here I've been saying that people should use what works for them, and if the iPhone is it, then that's terrific. I have no room to slate the iPhone here, having used one for as long as I did.

    At the same time, Apple is pretty much proving they don't need to do much to innovate anything, as they have legions of people who will buy it simply because it is an Apple product. It may not be a "pos" but it is definitely becoming a little old and stale.
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    06-19-2013 12:41 AM
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    I have used the HTC One for 1 week before going back to ATT store and exchange for a GS4.

    Reasons being:
    1.I couldn't get enough details on the pictures I take with the One. Most of the photos I take are between 10am and noon somewhere outside, and that's where GS4's 13MP shines. HTC One's 4MP photos also look blurry on my 1440p screen(3.5MP).

    2.The larger Screen(13% larger), I prefer AMOLED's more vibrant color as well. The darker black also looks better since I watch videos a lot in dark room or conditions(in a plane). HTC One's smaller screen looks even smaller when surrounded by the wide bezel around it.

    3.HTC One's battery life is worse than GS4 from my experience(based on my usage model), most of my screen time are spent watching videos or books(Google Play books have black background white text option) which is advantageous to an AMOLED display phone's battery life.

    4.I prefer GS4's Size(shorter/wider) and button layout(power button on the side instead of top).

    5. For $290 I can get a 16GB GS4, 64GB Samsung Micro SD card(10 year warranty) & A good case for my S4, while for $300 I can only get a HTC One 64GB. Since I need the media storage space for my 50G of video I watch+ Photos/Podcasts/eBooks(need those on the plane so cloud is no go).

    Things I still miss from HTC One:

    The dual front facing speaker(Samsung need to figure out a way to have this for their next phone, I suggest remove the physical home button and put a speaker there, then enable to ear speaker up top to work for media playback).
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    06-19-2013 12:44 AM
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    Say's one troll to the other troll's, pointed out by this troll and read by many trolls
    Alcohol at night can cause that :P.

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