1. tcc1313's Avatar
    Hello All,

    I just picked up the S4 on the weekend and am trying to get use to my first android phone (coming from a HTC HD2 windows phone).

    I'm noticing that when I install apps and I access the apps page on the phone that there's two icons for the one app. Is this normal and can I remove/delete one of them without causing issues?

    Also if anyone can guide me or list any good apps/widgets to use I'd appreciate it

    06-17-2013 10:32 PM
  2. beperry1's Avatar
    All of your apps show 2 icons?

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    06-17-2013 10:33 PM
  3. tcc1313's Avatar
    Not all maybe I had a few. I just installed battery doctor and there's two icons on the apps page.
    06-17-2013 10:56 PM
  4. Lendo's Avatar
    That does seem strange
    06-17-2013 10:56 PM
  5. tcc1313's Avatar
    Oh, I forgot to mention I have the international version of the phone (octa-core) if that makes a difference.
    06-17-2013 10:58 PM
  6. chloeshotmom's Avatar
    I guess it creates shortcut automatically?
    06-17-2013 11:00 PM
  7. digitalterry's Avatar
    The icons on the pages are safe to delete. The ones you see by clicking the App button on the home page should remain.
    06-17-2013 11:03 PM
  8. tcc1313's Avatar
    I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app but the double icon is on one of the home pages not the apps page, sorry.

    For some reason when the app is installed it creates a short cut. Then when you actually launch the app it creates another...wierd.

    Can anyone recommend a lock screen notification app? I tried dashclock but there's issues with SMS messaging.
    06-17-2013 11:12 PM
  9. tcc1313's Avatar
    Back with another question

    Really loving this phone and have since installed Nova Launcher. Bought icon packs, apps, etc. trying to customize it the way I want. But one thing I'm still not loving is the lock screen shortcuts on the dock. I know it's still the Touchwiz UI that's still there but is there anyway of changing the icons to one of the icon packs that I currently have? I have this one and want to use those icons on the lock screen dock.

    I've already tried desktop visualizer and icon changer with no luck unless I'm doing it wrong.

    06-25-2013 09:05 PM
  10. HPferoxCraft's Avatar
    Insteat of buying all the icon packs, you should buy Widget Locker and add your apps icons with that. You can find all sorts of icon packs on XDA forums and deviantART and even Google image search.
    Then you can put whatever icon you want wherever you want on the locksceen.
    You'll have to keep your phone without any security except for the swipe unlock, but you could also change the slider and clocks to whatever style you want by finding them at said site or by creating your own with photoshop and UCCW.
    06-25-2013 10:13 PM
  11. tcc1313's Avatar

    Well the icon packs were more for my home screen but I thought I could apply it to the lock screen.

    I had looked at widget locker before but didn't think it would work the way I wanted to. Boy was I wrong!! Downloaded it and now have the lock screen that serves me good
    HPferoxCraft likes this.
    06-26-2013 01:25 AM

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