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    The Charge by Samsung/Verizon came out in late spring/early summer of 2011...I got mine that Christmas and have not had too many problems with it until recently (last maybe 3-6 months) battery life pretty much non existant crashes forced reboots not picking up 4G when im in an area unless i restart then it will pick it up generally glitchy.

    anyway, I still have tax money squirrelled away and I talked to Verizon and I can upgrade to the Galaxy S 4 today for 199.99 after i get my fifty dollal rebate ( 249 +30 activation in the store, then i get my rebate back) anyway I really like my Samsung phone and am familar with the touchwhiz UI so it seems logical to upgrade to another samsung phone...ive seen some uis of other phones (motorolla, HTC) and am not really impressed....anyway...is this a good logical step?

    my questions are.

    there are pictures and files saved on my charge that I want to save...to import on the new Galaxy...but im having trouble moving them to the SD storage..is there even an option to move pictures to the sd card?

    and do you know if the 32GB external SD card that came default with my Charge is compatiable with the Galaxy S 4?

    (im posting this on the charge forum and Galaxy S 4 forum, so I aplogize if this is seen by someone twice)

    any help is appreciated...thanks.
    06-18-2013 09:06 AM
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    As for your pictures: if they aren't moving to the SD card, save them to your G+ account and you can simply download them to your new phones SD card.

    The card your using may be corrupt; if it is, I wouldn't continue using it. If it isn't, then it should work fine in your S4.

    I hope that helps. Uploading your pictures to the cloud is a good idea since SD cards can be corrupted and internal memory may get wiped at times. Its always good to have contingency plans for every occasion.

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    06-18-2013 09:33 AM
  3. paulwall8742's Avatar
    Thanks for the info as far as I know my external SD card is good...I havent had anything pop up about it. admittedly I havent used my external SD card much. as the Droid Charge is tge first smartphone ive owned I guess im not as App Savvy as other people.

    when I last checked I had 26 apps on my Charge (Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, Netflix, Banking apps, misc.) they all fit comfortably on the 2GB internal phone memory of my Charge. (I saw the S 4 comes with 16 GB internal but its only about 8-10GBs free...and people are complaining about app space...when that is like 2-3Xs the space I have now.)

    Ive read that you cannot save Apps from the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones (including the new S 4) to the External SD Cards anyway, Is this true? I heard Samsung/Verizon released an update where it is now possible?.. and if you can't Im able to move certain apps to my SD card on my charge if I put the SD card with the apps stored on them into a Galaxy S 4 would the S4 let me access the apps? (in essence by passing the S4's inability to store apps on the SD card by preloading (so to speak) moving the apps I want to keep on the Card prior to loading it into the S4?)
    06-18-2013 09:48 AM
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    well I did it. I dont regret it except it ate thru a good chunk of my reserve savings lol. the charge didnt like backup assistant so never had it properly set up. so I thought id have to import my contacts the to old fashioned way by hand. but the verizon ppl had some mystery "machine" they hooked it up to and transferred my contacts over to. only thing I forgot to backup was my bookmarks for browsing fail on my part. I remember the important ones the ones I dont eh guess they weren't that important. alot ALOT! of new features and bells and whistles to get used to. even the 4G seems faster. only thing im reserve savings. kinda bitter sweet as the charge was one of my first smart phones. but it served its purpose. I have all my apps pretty much restored. and my charge didnt like the verizon backup i figured id havbummed about so far is in txt msg notifications I can no longer find the classic DDDDRRRROOOOOIIIIDDDDD sound. anyone know where I can get one at?
    06-18-2013 10:55 PM
  5. skipatrol's Avatar
    Congrats. The charge is a toy next to the S4. Good work.
    06-19-2013 07:09 AM

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