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    So I bought the candyshell grip but I was expecting the case to be EXTRA grippy and its really not. At least in my opinon.
    Candyshell grip case:
    CandyShell Grip | Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases and Covers | Speck Products

    I am a former Iphone4S owner and had this case:
    Amazon.com: IPHONE 4S / 4 / 4G TYRE TREAD SILICONE SKIN CASE COVER PROTECTOR BLACK: Cell Phones & Accessories
    It was crazy how grippy this case was. I could lay my hand flat (with the iphone in my palm) and start tilting my hand down and the iphone with the tire silicon case would not move until my hand was at 90 degrees or so. I never had a fear that this case would slip out my hand and it never did.

    Im just looking for an equivalent case so I do not drop my precious S4, lol. I have bought the same tire silicon case equivalent for the S4 but the grip was nowhere near what I was use to. I bought the candyshell grip at Best Buy a few days ago just to try it out. I am marginally satified but I woud like a bit more grip. Can you guys reccommend a case that could give me the ultimate grip and not feel the least bit slippery in my hands?
    06-18-2013 11:16 AM

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