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    I was looking for a third party app to edit the contacts on my wife's S4. She has 2700 contacts and needs to really clean them up. I finally found a program from Wondershare called Go Mobile for Android. It is a paid program. I downloaded it for my windows PC ( I had downloaded it previously on my MacBook Pro, but there is currently a bug in it, that says the S4 is asleep, when it is not and the program didn't run). You have to make sure that USB de-bug is allowed. When you plug your S4 into the USB slot on the PC, the program opens and you can, among other things, select your contacts. When you select edit, the edit page comes up and you can make a change using the keyboard of the PC and the nice big screen. The change also occurs on your S4. It's a nice, fast way to clean up contacts.
    06-22-2013 09:45 AM

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